Izzy Waan

  Izzy Waan (b.1973) is a rock musician and founder of the Second Harmonic independent label & recording studio.
 During the communist era he join a few  local bands as a bass player.

Later, after the fall of the iron curtain, he founded the hard rock oriented project OCTOPUS together with Eti Blue and Ringo Warwick. The short-lived band Octopus was active on the local underground music scene.

The barriers and limitations of the mainstream music convinced Izzy to start experimenting with unorthodox instruments and recording techniques in order to achieve a unique sound.

  Most of the composition are based on a theme of their own and all of them pieces of the whole puzzle that makes the final album.

On 02 September 2016  "Forty Miles of Dusty Road" is released. This is the official debut album and it contains twelve songs.  The overall sound embodies drone sequences, synth arpeggios and psychedelic sonic textures.

In March 2017 the second album "SPUTNIK" hit the market. Based on the 1957 satellite lunch by the Soviet Union, the album is an homage to that scientific achievement.  This album is largely ambient, there are some rhythmic parts  here and there, but it's mostly ambiental and meditative. The whole concept was based on the cold, grey atmosphere of that era and the  persistence of that sound memory that is compelling within a set of emotions.

Music is something that evolves vertically...everything else is just horizontal and flat.
Imagine a blend of electric and acoustic guitars , analog organs, FM synthesizers, drone sequencers and home made percussion recorded on DAW and long forgotten tape machines through hand made equalizers and tube preamps. What you get is a unique sound and a style almost impossible to classify as a genre. This "outside of mainstream" approach to music will lead you to a journey of limitless possibilities.

Forget about the seatbelt, the end of all restrictions lays ahead !